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Apple Introduced Its Own New Processor for their Computers

M1 is Apple's first chip specifically built for the Mac, with leading industry performance, powerful features and impressive efficiencies. 
Apple M1 Chip
Apple M1 Chip 

Cupertino, California — Apple announced M1, its first specifically built chip, and the powerful chip ever made. M1 is designed for Mac systems with small size and power efficiency. M1 incorporates a large number of strong technology as a chip system (SoC) into one chip and has a unified memory architecture that greatly improves performance and quality. M1 is the first personal computer chip designed with state-of-the-art 5-nanometer technology with an astonishing 16 billion transistors which has never been used by Apple.

It features the fastest CPU core worldwide in low power silicone, best CPU per watt output worldwide, the quickest graphics built into personal computers worldwide and groundbreaking Apple Neural Engine machine learning. As a result, M1 provides up to 3,5 times the speeding of the CPU, up to 6 times the speed of the GPU and up to 15 times the speed of machine learning. M1 delivers the greatest leap ever for the Mac with its dramatic improvement in performance and quality.

"Never was a chip like M1, our Mac SoC breakthrough. It builds on over a ten year's experience developing industry leading chips for iPhones , iPads and Apple Watch and uses the Mac in a whole new age, "said Johnny Srouji. "M1 has the world's fastest CPU core in low-power silicone, the world's rapidest integrated graphics on a personal computer, and Apple Neural Engine 's impressive machine learning capabilities. M1 is by far the best chip we've ever produced with its unique combination of excellent performance , high-performance characteristics and amazing quality.
Apple M1 Chip
Apple M1 Chip

First Mac chip device first 

Traditionally Macs and PCs have used multiple CPU, I / O, protection and more chips. These technologies are now linked together with M1 into one sound system and provide an entirely new integration level for higher performance and efficiency. M1 also has a unified memory architecture which integrates a low-latency , high-bandwidth memory into a single pool of a customized package. This makes it possible for all SoC technologies to access the same data without copying it between different memory pools to further boost efficiency and effectiveness.

Apple M1 CPU Performance
Apple M1 CPU Performance

The fastest integrated graphics in the world 

Apple's new GPU is included in M1. It profits from years of Mac applications research, including day-to-day apps and difficult workloads. The GPU in M1 is in a class of its own with industry-leading performance and exceptional productivity. The GPU can handle extremely challenging tasks easily, from the fluid replication of multiple 4 K video streams to the rendering of complex 3D scenes across up to eight powerful cores capable of running almost 25,000 threads simultaneously. M1 has the fastest graphics integrated in a personal computer in the world with 2.6 teraflops of output. 

Apple M1 CPU Cores
Apple M1 CPU Cores

M1 filled with more creative technologies 

A series of powerful custom technologies are given for the M1 chip, including: 
  • Apple's new image signal processor (ISP) offers better video quality, improved background noise and dynamic range. 
  • The most recent Safe Defense Enclave. 
  • A high-performance storage controller for faster and safer SSD performance with AES hardware encryption. 
  • Low power, high-efficiency media encoding and battery life decoding engines. 
  • A Thunderbolt controller built by Apple with USB 4 support, up to 40 Gbit / s and more peripheral compatibility than ever.

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