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Why does the iPhone 11 buy more than the iPhone 12 ?

It's all too easy to seduce yourself with shiny new stuff

Apple iPhone 12

This is an official announcement of the iPhone 12, and one of a series of four new iPhones of the same value in numbers that compete for your wallet. 

But if you are in the market for a new Apple device, it's best to ignore the iPhone 12 and its siblings and take up the iPhone 11 of 2019. 

With the introduction of the 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, Apple found iPhone 11 deserving of at least one year in its shops while the iPhone 11 Pro was discontinued. 

That indicates that Apple still thinks he can deliver something and I'm ready to go along. This is why the iPhone 11 could be a better shopping experience than the current iPhone 12.

Save some money for yourself 

The quick one kicks off. The iPhone 11 is less costly than the iPhone 12 offers, you sarcastically mocked, 'wowee John, you've really clouded it.' But who wouldn't save some cash? 

Yeah, this is an obvious fact, but one that still needs to be remembered. With the iPhone 12 on the market, the price for the iPhone 11 was lowered and you can now get a $599/£599/ AU$999 back from the start of the 64 GB edition. 

This is not only cheaper than the $200/ £ 200 iPhone 12, but even lower than the current dinky 12 mini iPhone. And Apple has lowered the cost of the 128 GB and 256 GB Phone 11 variants if you need more storage. Kerching! 

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Close down 

The new concept for the iPhone 12! A sort of. Return the iPhone 4 to 2010, and instantly the iPhone 12 looks less new and more mature, well. 

Ok, so Apple has been refining over the past decade, and the iPhone 12 features slender bezels, as ok as super hard 'Ceramic Shield.'

And I'm all for it, but my problem lies with yesterday's flat sides. 

There is a good reason why you are going to struggle to find a smartphone to opt for this angular style – the comfort. Handsets are heavier in the hand with smooth sides and corners and typically are less easy to carry for long periods. 

It was a prototype of how the smartphone could be looked-essentially an iPhon 12. I spoke to OnePlus about his newly launched Nord Handset However, the company did not adopt this design because it considered a finish more complete and more desirable for customers. 

Now I haven't yet had the opportunity to halt the iPhone 12, so I'm doubtful about Apple's magic trick to make it comfortable. But the iPhone 11 is stunning and rounded. Here's no problems.

Beware the 5G folly 

Here's 5G! No, it's truly. To be frank. This is fast. That is fast. Actually, super fast. Trust us, please. The future, but also the new one. This is the future. Carriers and manufacturers love to tell us how wonderful 5G is, and the launch of the iPhone 12 hasn't shifted to a segment that says how beautiful it is. 

But the same people have always struggled with it, and yet I still can't get 5G reception where I live. My next wisdom nugget: don't go down to 5G. 

If you think about the iPhone 12 only because it supports 5G, stop where you are. Leave the Apple Store a step down. 

I'm all for 5G, don't get me mistaken. The skill it can have is great in the future, but there's an important 'future' aspect there.

Apple iPhone 12, 5G

It definitely means that the iPhone 12 is now well proven for the future-but you should wait a little for 5G. 5G coverage is still incredibly limited in most countries, and while carriers are slowly developing their next-generation network, they rely greatly on where you live. 

It is possible that within the next year, you will no longer have 5G access. The wait could be even longer. 

Well, return to my stage. Test your region for the 5G coverage. You will save money on the 4G iPhone 11 if it's non-existent and you expect to update again within the next 18-24 months. 


Although the iPhone 11 does not have 5G functionality, it will not be obsolete in the near future. Annual iOS updates from Apple are beautiful, particularly if you're used to updates for Android. 

Apple iPhone 12

Both compatible handsets are affected by updates at the same time, and reliability goes beyond your standards.

Updates to Apple's most recent major programme, iOS 14, all devices can be backed up to iPhone 6S, including 2015. 

In this respect, the iPhone 11 has a number of years of iOS updates ahead of it, ensuring it remains secure, although new functions are obtained over the years. It means that if you are worried about life, you don't have to hurry to get an iPhone 12. 

Like a blue cheese, with age the iPhone 11 is stronger (hopefully not so stinky). 

But in fact the iPhone 12 is better than the iPhone 11 

Yeah, sure, don't worry. Don't worry. I know that. I know. A better instrument than the 11 is the iPhone 12. 

Apple has improved various features including enhanced cameras, power consumption, reliability, increased power, pixel and graphics accuracy, MagSafe and 5 G support, and improved video and night recording modes.

The iPhone 12 appears to be a promising platform on paper at least – but is it the right thing for you? The iPhone 11 is probably all you need on your smartphone and can provide a better experience in some cases. 

You can easily be seduced by bright new technology and the new iPhone 12 will suit a lot for some of you – just make sure you really take your demands into account before you leave by your cash.

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