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OnePlus 8T release date, price, news and leaks

The OnePlus phone starts taking form in the late 2020 

oneplus 8t price and specs

Official: On October 14, the OnePlus 8T landed. Name, date and details of OnePlus 8 T display have been confirmed by the manufacturer, exclusively to TechRadar. 

While we have only recently started hearing more about our handset, this may be the reason of the OnePlus Nord, whereby people were more excited about a Nord Lite ruled out or a global launch to North (which was only coming to India and Europe) than the so-called pricier OnePlus 8T.

Yet now that the OnePlus 8T is verified and we have info on the computer, the company will most probably continue to tease the handset, so expect to hear even more before October 14.

The OnePlus 8T will be an update version of the OnePlus 8 from earlier this year – the OnePlus T series usually consists of telephones that update the non-T models in a small way. 

But we won't accomplish anything – we made this article instead, to gather all the news about the smartphone and to make our wanted list of what you want to see on the new device. We will speculate about this (and the next OnePlus 8 T phone is released).

OnePlus was renowned until recently for launching 'flagship-killer' telephones rivalling top-end handsets in all but costs. However, after the OnePlus 7 phones, the company's handsets look increasingly high in price and specifications. 

The 'T' range of OnePlus phones is typically increased on non-T phones that year, introducing new technologies but not reinventing the brand. We will assume that with the OnePlus 8 T, with OnePlus, the OnePlus 8 devices will be tweaked and improved without revision. 

We are saying 'we can hope' because we don't even know a great deal about it but OnePlus has disclosed some information and some rumours, all of which are found below, are beginning to roll in.

OnePlus 8T release date and price 

OnePlus has reported that on Wednesday, 14 October, the OnePlus 8 T is being announced. The launch will be live and you can adjust in on Thursday 15 at 7:00 PT/10:00 ET/3:00 BST or at 1:00 AEDT. 

The company has also stated that we will not see a OnePlus 9 T Pro lands next to it in the same breath. 

This is a question mark in terms of price. The price of one leak is €59 9 (approximately $700, £ 50 for AU$980). The leak is 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB in storage and the price for 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB in storage is €699 (approximately $820, £640, AU$1.150). 

However, this is in contrast with a further leak that indicates €799 (about $940.00, AU$1.300) and €899 (about $1,050.00, £830.00, AU$1,470.00), for a version with RAM 8 GB and storage 12 GB and storage 256 GB.

We do not know if the OnePlus 8T comes to Australia, since at the time of writing the OnePlus 8 did not, but in some phase the firm has confirmed that the OnePlus 8 is to be launched in Australia, and in the past it launched phones. 

OnePlus 8T display 

In comparison to its predecessor, TechRadar has only disclosed a variety of details on the OnePlus 8T monitor, including an increased refresh rate and an improvement in brightness. 

oneplus 8t display

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has confirmed that the OnePlus 8T is fitted with a 6.55-inch display with 2.5D flexible screens, 120Hz refresh rate, 100% DCI-P3 colours and a max 1,100 nit brightness. 

The OnePlus 8T has a screen-to - body rate of 91.9 percent , meaning it's going to be slimmer than the systems 8 Pro (90.8 percent), 8 (88.7 percent) and Nord (86.7 percent).

OnePlus 8T design 

OnePlus 8T Design

OnePlus has also unveiled much of the 8T style, with the video showing us in a green Aquamarine shade at the back. 

You see that in the top right-hand corner (more in detail below) is a glass back with slightly curved edges and a large camera block. 

OnePlus 8T battery 

OnePlus reported that the OnePlus 8T would have a 65W fast charging battery of 4,500mAh. 

This is only 30 W from its predecessor and it seems that in just 39 minutes it can charge to complete and gets to 58% in just 15 minutes. It's not a very shocking revelation, as it has been rumoured before.

OnePlus 8T news, rumours and leaks 

We may have first looked at the front of the OnePlus 8T, as a photo of the telephone – as you can note below-has been found in a recent OnePlus 8 beta software. 

The picture shows a phone that looks much like the OnePlus 8, but has an apparently flat screen, very narrow bezels, and even a smaller camera punch hole. 

OnePlus 8T with 65Watt charging

As regards specifications, OnePlus has stated that the OnePlus 8T would delete Android 11 – the first "world smartphone" to run in Google's case. Of course, your use of Android 11 would be overlaid by customizations of the company Oxygen OS 11. 

The official teaser video (above) also mentions the 48MP snapper and optical image stabilisation of the camera block, so we also know some information. 

One important thing we don't know at this time about the OnePlus 8 T is which chipset it has, but we can take a good guess.

A slightly better versions of the Snapdragon 855 Plus Chipset, the OnePlus 7T, which is used by the OnePlus 7, the consistency of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus Chipset, which was launched in phones such like Asus ROG 3 and Zenfone 7 Pro, are now introduced by the OnePlus 7T. 

Those chipsets are probably more advanced, but they are not sure, that the OnePlus 8T is more advanced than the Snapdragon 865 found in OnePlus. 

A benchmark apparently appeared for the handset, but not much has been explained because the chipset is named 'kona,' which are a codename for the Snapdragon 865 or 865 Plus industries, which may be used. However, 8Go RAM is also stated, which is the minimum we can assume, and values obtained in the OnePlus 8 range are close. 

Thus the OnePlus 8T might not be much of an improvement if this benchmark is right.

A number of OnePlus 8T specs (Snapdragon 845 Plus, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB of storage) and quad rear camera are indicated by another failure, potentially incorporating a "portrait lens" in the main, ultrawide and macro cameras of OnePlus 8. 

The Snapdragon 865 Plus then has lots of proof, but instead an Amazon list points towards the regular 865. The list also contains an image that can be seen below and that corresponds to the above image. 

It comprises other species including a 48-MP, 16-MP, 5MP and 2-MP rear-face camera, a 16-MP front camera, 8 GB or 12 GB of RAM, 128 GB or 256 GB, and green and silver colours of Aquamarine. 

A glimpse of how the camera array would look could have been offered to us, kindness of a case maker. 

There won't be one thing, as the firm verified, is a OnePlus 8T Pro. This is a consequence of reports that the phone is dropped by name, though a strange leak, obviously from OnePlus himself.

The other significant news about OnePlus 8T is that, despite previous OnePlus T phones that have such a phone, there may not be a McLaren Edition phone. This is because OnePlus appears to be no longer a McLaren supporter, and the two brands are unlikely to continue to collaborate with smartphones.

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