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Wear OS Update rollout begins in Google-this is what we learned.

Calls it an improvement in efficiency

Google Wear OS

Google has begun introducing wear operating systems updates, with the H-MR2 focused on Android 9 Pie achieving a little collection of wearables. Back in August, we mentioned that there had not been much progress on the Wear OS website, and finally Google broke its silence. 

An update on the Google Support page notes that the most recent updates will make the OS wear quicker, boost the pairings and most significantly increase the wearables' battery life. "This and others changes will first be introduced in Suunto 7 and in future months for more manufacturers. For more information on launch, consult with your system manufacturer," the post said.

An update last month on the Wear OS blog of Android Developer has revealed that the next big update will concentrate on improving watch efficiency and power. In fact, during the Google I/O 2020 keynote, Google was obviously silent on this subject. 

Google Wear OS
Google says the new update will start and boot Wear OS smartwatch 20 per cent faster as drive controls would make changing modes and workouts simpler for the user. The company noted that users could speed up the wearable pairing by improving the pairing process.

The most critical update, however, which we believe the Wear OS will gain is an enhancement of the devices' battery life. Google's post states, because of the increased battery life, that users would be able to do more during the day. The post does not note, however, how much extra juice the update will eventually bring by adapting the app to smartphones. 

The Wear OS fall update is planned in the coming months to include more devices in terms of availability. However, Google did not mention when rollouts would be speeded up and when all manufacturers would be completed.

However, the company didn't update two of the updates it spoke about last month in the Android developers forum. One was an hourly rundown of local weather forecasts and bad weather warnings as a response to Covid19. One was a handwashing timer. 

Other comprehensive upgrades include new Snapdragon Wear 4100 and Wear 4100 Plus chip sets, which can increase their processing ability to a 12nm height, theoretically by an incredible 85%. A 9to5Google article said that the update had been activated on the Suunto 7 computer, but couldn't find one of the system's features promised last month.

Is Google gone after progressive changes again as it did in the past? These updates didn't fix a lot of problems Android devices have been plaguing for many years.
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