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TCL 55C715 4K QLED Android TV Review

The TCL 55C715 runs official Android TV 9 Pie.

TCL 2020 QLED 4K and 8K Android TV Ranges Launched in India ...

The majority of TVs currently use the most common and cheapest LED back-light LCD panels among all types among TVs, but they can be kept to their output by the technical limitations. OLED is our growing guideline for purchasers who want a better viewing experience. Nonetheless, OLED TVs are very pricey and often inaccessible by many consumers. Fortunately, there's now an intermediate path – QLED, or Quantum Dot. These TVs seek to connect LED to OLED by offering some kind of stimulated LED experience.

Although the cost of QLED TVs to date was high, recent releases by Samsung and OnePlus make this display technology much cheaper. TCL now follows this pattern with the C715 series. The company is heavily active in the cheap position in India and is now searching for premium segments for its new TV shows. Soon after the launch in India of the P715 series.

Today the 55-inch TCL 55C715 is checked for a price of 55.990 rs. This four-kn QLED TV offers Dolby Vision support and promises an experience of greater quality than other famous 55-inch LED TVs. If you want to increase your budget of TCL 55C715.

Design and specifications for TCL 55C715 :-

It is a popular size for first-class TVs, and one that is ideal for most homes, so we have a 55-inch version for review in our TCL C715 series. The TCL 55C715 is large, but not too large; the company has 50 and 65inch models in this range if you prefer a different size.

Thanks to a metal structure around the show, the TV looks fine. While the bezels are about the same as in most 55-inch TVs, the architecture of that TV narrows the line. On the bottom of the metal chin is the TCL logo, and just below is a fabric-cut module with the IR receiver and indicator lamp. The back of the TCL 55C715 is simple black plastic and is much wider in the center and bottom, while it is slim by the edges.

TCL 55C715 4K QLED Android TV Review | NDTV Gadgets 360

On the left side, the power output socket is on the ports of TCL 55C715 facing the right of the panel. TV is well-appointed with three HDMI ports, two USB ports, a LAN port, an antenna in sockets, optical audio out (Optical), a single adapter AV-in socket and a 3.5 mm headset and speaker audio out socket. It'll be possible to use WiFi 2.4GHz and 5GHz, obviously, to connect the TV on the Internet, and the support for HDMI 1 is HDMI ARC. We could easily access the ports and sockets.

The TV is fitted with table stands, but the TV can also be mounted wall mounted. Even if our check unit did not contain a wall mount kit, we had a standard wall-mount kit from VESA that we had. In this respect, one of TCL's pretty thoughtful touches was to attach the needed brackets to the rear of the TV itself, making it easy for us to fit the TV on our own.

A 55-inch (3840x2160 pixels) QLED display, the TCL 55C715 supports the Dolby Vision standard for a high dynamic range of content. Local dimming with 1,296 areas is also possible to effectively dim darker areas on the screen. For sound, a dual-speaker, 30W sound system is available and sound formats are supported, up to Dolby Atmos and DTS-HD formats. The televisions are powered by a 64-bit quad-core processor with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of built-in storage for apps and gaming.

Remote and accessibility TCL 55C715 :-

Although we usually saw hands free voice controls only on premium TVs like the Sony A9 G, TCL offered this feature on an affordable scale. The TCL 55C715 has a voice command "wake word," "OK Google" or "Hey Google" available and the TV always listens to a wake word. It helps you to only use your voices to control Google Assistant, much as intelligent people use Google Home. The small physical switch at the bottom right corner of the TV can deactivate this.

Voice control worked well for us and we were able to provide Google Assistant with instructions for other functions outside the television including setting memories and timers. Of course, we can also ask Google Assistant for details or to access other applications or content on the TV itself.

You can still use the Google Assistant remotely with your own button and microphone when you choose to keep your built-in microphone off. The remote Bluetooth that runs on a AAA battery also has a Netflix hotkey and a TCL launcher start button. In addition, there are regular buttons for volume adjustment, control settings and source adjustments, Android TV keys and a D-Pad for device navigation.

A silent button is here the only notable omission; if required, you must hold the volume down key to nil. It's an easy, compact remote but, on several occasions, we have experienced pairing difficulties, such as losing Bluetooth with the TV and working with the IR transmission system. The combination process is however quick and easy, which is why it was just a small disadvantage.

Software and interface for TCL 55C715 :-

We received for our review a TCL 55C715 prepayment device that had some critical problems with software like a non-functional Amazon Prime Video app and too low volume even at a maximum level. But most of the problems we had were resolved by upgrading the software, and the company has ensured we are delivering the updated software to the retail units.

Until recent times the majority of smart TV companies have their own Android or Linux-based interfaces, but many manufacturers now have Android official television. Android TV 9Pie is currently running on the TCL 55C715, although this isn't exactly the stock version that we have seen on TV from brands such as Sony or Vu. Several modifications, like the TCL launcher, and a few workarounds for different applications. TV pre-installed Netflix and Prime Video from Amazon.

The Google Play store is available and we were able to install some of the usual applications, but we did note that, even if it was preinstalled, Amazon Prime Video was not listed, because of unknown reasons.

TCL 55C715 4K QLED Android TV Review | NDTV Gadgets 360

The TCL Launcher is a lot like the PatchWall interface of Xiaomi because it supports content instead of apps. We nevertheless found the content curation strange and coarse in many Indian languages, where there is far too much regional content that can not be relevant for everyone. The TCL Launcher is also slow to load and browse, relying on subscribers to pay services to collect a great deal of its content. We recommend that you stick to the TCL 55C715 Android TV interface.

Although we received the software update, there were still some TV problems. The most important thing about that was tranquility. The TCL 55C715 typically took some time to open applications like Netflix and YouTube, and we saw long gaps between clicking the remote button and reacting to TV occasionally. Although simple functions like volume change or navigation were quick enough, it also took several seconds for the hotkeys, the button Google Assistant and functions of source selection buttons to execute. The TV is great with the quick boot mode, but we found that every few days it would slow down and get unstable and would need a complete reboot to address those problems.

Performance of TCL 55C715 :-

When the program is in the process of releasing the TCL 55C715, the television performs for this. The benefits of the QLED screen are evident from the outset and the TV offers an all-round viewing experience with all kinds of content. We really liked to watch the Ultra-HD Dolby Vision content on 55C715, but also how the TV handled the content at lower resolution up to full HD.

We've used the Android TV apps of TCL 55C715 to stream content and tested our TV sample video collection. The 4 K and Dolby Vision or HDR10 videos of Netflix and Amazon Prime were able to stream on the TV and other services such as Hotstar, YouTube, Youtube Kids and the NDTV application were also used for broadcasting news.

We have, as usual, begun with the TCL 55C715 content from Dolby Vision including our Planet and Netflix spaceforce. The better color and luminosity that Dolby Vision usually works best on OLED and QLED TVs, as it was immediately evident on TCL TV. Our planet looked stunning and the image looked bright, sharp and incredibly vibrant. The colours, especially the light scenes at daylight where the sky looked natural and lifelike, were expected to be punchy and attractive.

Using one of two Dolby Vision viewing modes, placing any Dolby Vision content usually automatically adjusts the image to ensure that the brightness and colors are correct for the TV. The TST 55C715 offers an equivalent setting to HDR10 content, and the Grand Tour on Amazon Prime Video and our sample video clips were quite impressing. However, the color and brightness adjustments with the standard dynamic range contents did not take us much effort.

After a careful tuning, non-HDR 4 K content looked good enough, though we found the shades to be a little too forced, especially the warm skin and brown shades, as we saw in the Better Call Saul segment. In those cases, we liked how bright the TV was, but the zone-specific brightness of HDR content with SDR content was not visible.

The TCL 55C715, with a total of 1,296 areas, was too ambitious to set high. We considered this to be a little too powerful. Settling it at a lower level greatly improved the image so that some dark content like Night On Earth at Netflix could be blackened deeper. The TCL 55C715 was as precise as a QLED TV, while the blacks aren't as deep as the actual pixel-off blacks that we saw on a good OLED television.

With regard to lower resolution content, full HD was sufficiently decent, since the TCL 55C715 was upscaling well. The picture was obviousmente less impressive than 4 K due to the impact of the 55-inch screen on TCL TV, but it was still pleasant and comfortable to watch, watching the events of the Modern Family and Artemis Fowl. The quality was maintained mainly by colors and brightness with an expected decline only in sharpness.

The experience was much less enjoyable when we fell down to 720p and standard definition content. The television did not do as well as increase the content that the wide screen further affected. We considered the scene to be hazy, dull and full of motion defects and artifacts while looking at NDTV news in normal descriptions as well as YouTube children's videos. The TCL 55C715 is not entirely right for you when watching a lot of standard definition content, such as old YouTube videos and the cable or DTH TV, as is most of the mid-range and highend televisions we tested.

The sound quality of the TCL 55C715 is pretty good. The audio of a majority of films and TV shows is clear enough in small volumes, does not have too great variations in the tone. The sound mode is set to concentrate on vowels, which helps you clearly hear dialogs, and we enjoy it. With one of our sample clips we tried Dolby Atmos and although we can hear a certain sense of direction and meaning of the sound, the bottom-firing box speakers were not enough to fit the format.

TCL 55-inch QLED 4K Android TV (55C715) Online at Lowest Price ...

Since it's a large TV with excellent pictorial quality, we recommend a decent sound bar or speech system to match the sound experience. The built-in speakers don't completely meet the screen requirements and even great audio support isn't sufficient.


Customers in India are more concerned with the size and resolution which is less important to the shape of the unit. The new TCL C715 series makes a better TV type possible without significant price bumps, although the LED is the default for many buyers. At a price which is just a bit higher than the one on which similarly sized LED TVs sell, TCL offers a QLED screen with 55C715 value.

In other words, the program from TCL 55C715 is far from perfect and was often frustratingly late. In addition, while the TV works well with high quality content, the video is far less than ideal with lower resolution. You will be glad with the TCL 55C715, if you are heavily investing in streaming services and are able to select a good streaming system such as Amazon Fire TV Stick 4 K or Mi Box 4 K to circumvent TV software.

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