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This is the Find X2 Pro, Oppo 's latest ultra-premium flagship smartphone, that is more widely used than its recent design-centric products. Personally, I think it's a smart decision because Huawei has lost Google support and we have very few choices here in Singapore when it comes to Android flagship.
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So let's look at the Find X2Pro quickly and find out if it is good. Whereas the Find X2 Pro has no single pop-up camera, when it comes to design, you can certainly still see Oppo's attention to detail. Not only looks fantastic, but it also feels amazing at heart, this orange vegan leather edition with yellow accent.

The texture is nice, the phone is very strong and well constructed, and it is now resistant to IP68 dust and water. Oppo has gone out of everything when it comes to specifications. The monitor uses a nice looking 120Hz QHD display, which ensures that it looks soft and seamless and with QHD resolution.

It performs very well. The quality of color is very good and the lighting is outstanding. This is one of the best screens on a phone I've ever seen. The only thing I'm not an enormous fan of is the curved edges that can sometimes look distracting.

Then you have Dolby ATMOS assisted stereo speakers, which sound transparent and bright. That makes this one of the most useful phones for media content consumption. Now that wearing masks is the new norm, the fingerprint sensor should be said to be fast and reliable, which I prefer over the slightly finicky ultrasound sensor from Samsung.

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In Singapore it comes with a spectacular 512 GB disk capacity and a 12 GB RAMas standard. The newest Snapdragon 865 is compatible with the Find X2 Pro.

It flies easily as expected, and it does not get too dry, even with longer games. It's almost as big for Android users at this time. At first, I was a bit nervous about a single-stream battery life and high-refresh QHD display, because it is not the highest 4260mAh, but I still get my phone out for a singleday and have approximately five and a halfhours at hand. It can be chosen automatically, and the best performance-to-power balance appears to be the setup.

Maybe for some people the only slight downside is the absence of wireless charges which I believe is not a deal breaker. I can only charge it at night as long as the battery life is adequate for me all day long. A maximum load takes only 40 minutes with the included 65W compressor, which is very impressive.
Most of the Find X2 Pro app interface is very fun. Compared with previous versions, ColorOS 7.1 is based on Android 10 and can be customized seventy more.

There are more Oppo features, and bloatware I 'd like, so I don't see the user's UI as refined, but it is an improvement from previous versions and I might get a configuration that works for me with a bit of tweak. I've also had great performance and no major problems. However, I still have my regular concerns about software updates' quality and duration, especially for this expensive device. The Find X2 Pro is a fun and compact tool to film with with a three highly capable cameras covering a large focal range.

The main camera with its larger sensors can take cool, natural background shots with black and pretty colors with decent lighting. The 5X optical zoom telephoto camera also looks very fine and can climb to 60X.
It is mostly a digital zoom so they don't look great after 10X, but if you want to see something far away, it is still very useful. The camera looks sharp and the distortion correction works fine, but colors are often a little too saturated when compared to the camera 's main one.

It works also with close-up shots and delivers excellent results. It is a macro camera. It is a macro camera. If the main camera has low light, it is normally decent, but when using the night-mode, the images look a little dim and dull.

The pictures and ultra-wide angle cameras do not perform too well in low light, but still operate in night mode. The rest look very fine. In difficult conditions, the front camera still displays photos but takes pictures that look good.

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However, even in night mode, low light performance is only average. While I believe that the Pixel 4 still works slightly better and more consistently in terms of image processing, Find X2 Pro is not so far behind. Not to mention that the video quality is always very good, and all the extra cameras are available to you.
Overall, Find X2 Pro is a stunning phone that I believe can do the best Android can do. There are quite a few vulnerabilities, but there are many. Looking at the selling price recommended, it is a little costly.

Yet if Samsung has the balls at its price, I would confidently claim that Find X2 Pro's price tag is more than justified, with just 128 GB of storage for the Exynos driven S20 Ultra. Oppo even guarantees the telephone internationally. Therefore I'm glad to take Find X2 Pro, given the choice between the two at the prices.

While I am still not a fan of the high quality of Android telephones, the fact that Oppo has brought the Find X2 Pro on the table still makes me feel quite surprised, and it proves for me that it takes you to compete at the highest level.

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