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OnePlus may be the name of the onePlus TWS Earbuds, supported with an 11 Beta 1 update by Android

OnePlus Pods : The Android 11 beta 1 code includes several "OnePlus Pods" connections.

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OnePlus Pods appears to be called the brand's next fully wireless earbuds (TWS), to be launched next month. The one-plus version of the Android 11 Beta was released earlier this week for its OnePlus 8 series, which revealed some references to earbuds, including their names and main features that have not yet been confirmed. At first, the first TWS earbuds were announced by OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro in April. But it did not publish this and then revealed that its new audio offering would be the Compact Z bullets.

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The Android 11 Beta 1 code contains a number of new references, reports from XDA Developer entitled "One Plus Pods" and a "oneplus Tws PODE function" string. In addition, the new firmware has proved that OnePlus can launch a standalone OnePlus Pods App to monitor the new hearbuds. It sounds like the way companies like Realme and Xiaomi control IoT devices.

Besides the name and history of the individual user, Android 11 beta codes display new earbuds, such as double tape for listening, pick up active tracks, or even skip the next and last songs. There is also a "Find my Bluetooth earphone" option that runs in Google's Find My headphone program, which uses the fast pair of Search functions to sync data with a related device. Comparative statistics on overhead adjustments (OTA) are also available.

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OnePlus had no official TWS earbud data. However, it is assumed that the organization will launch in July. Any early rumours are about a design such as Apple AirPod and a Google Pixel Buds case.

A tipster last month called Max J. The OnePlus TWS earbuds should be recognized as "OnePlus Buds," he said on Twitter. However, he said the official message could be changed as the name was shared by a clearly credible but new source.

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